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Other Church Activities

Caring and Sharing

Hands Up

This group really is a caring and sharing group.  We have been established 20 years and have shared lots of ups and downs in that time.  God is at the centre of the group and our primary aim is to know more about Jesus and come closer to God.  It has helped us all to grow spiritually, and long may that continue.  Anyone can join us, you don’t have to be a member of the church, or even attend the church services, you just need to have a desire to know more about God.  It is very inclusive and we have people from all denominations in the group. 
The group started its life at the Methodist Church.  When that closed, it went to the Church of England. When they then wanted the rooms for offices, Father Peter from the Catholic Church hosted the group in his house.  When he then left, the group members hosted it in their homes, which ultimately proved to be too much of a tight squeeze.  The group finally settled in our Baptist Church where we have been for the last few years.  We have a lovely room with settee’s and large comfy chairs.  We make it homely with flowers and candles, so please do come along and fellowship and feel God’s love in practice.

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