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Image by Olivia Snow

Prayer with SBC

Our church is committed to prayer.  We know how important it is and how powerful prayer is.  We have seen prayer do amazing things and it can really change peoples lives.  We are happy to pray for anyone.  If you would like us to pray for or on behalf of you, please e-mail Vivienne or post your request in the prayer box situated on Padiham road between Wesley Street and St Nicholas Avenue.  The prayer box has a claim to fame as it was pictured in the Ribble Valley magazine, with the article quoting “No other village has one”!  We are a very special village and we all know that we are blessed to live in such a special place, so it is very important that we keep praying for protection for our village.  If you want daily prayer, click the Daily Devotionals button below to be redirected to the ODB Website.

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